There is nothing quite like an immaculately laid floor in a beautiful building. Whilst interior design shows tend to focus on the colour of walls, the importance of accent lighting, and the size of structural features like windows – where would any of these things be without a solid and robust floor?

In fact, at W Stansbie Flooring Ltd, we believe that there is nothing more important. In order to build up the perfect interior environment, you first need to lay the perfect foundation. It is why we have been providing top quality floor installations since 2005, and why we will continue to do so for years to come. You only have to speak to one of our satisfied customers to find out how much we care.

Just like a beautiful building, W Stansbie Flooring Ltd is founded on more than four decades of industry experience and expertise. Over the years, we have built up a solid client base and amassed a wealth of valuable contracts with both small and larger companies. We offer top quality full and partial flooring services, for all kinds of different businesses – no matter what you need, we can deliver it.

At W Stansbie Flooring Ltd, we do not believe in a ‘one fits all’ approach, so we treat each job with the unique care and attention that it deserves. This means that our floors are all custom made-to-measure products, which have been judged perfectly for the building at hand. You can trust our knowledge, skills, and eye for detail because the little things mean a lot to us.

If you are a business on the look-out for a top quality flooring, and want to find a company with competitive prices and a wide range of styles, take a look at our testimonials for a selection of happy clients.

It is not just quality, but customer service which is at the heart of W Stansbie Flooring Ltd. Our customers are our lifeblood, and we consider our work with them to be part of a vital partnership. As such, communication is key – we listen carefully to your needs, make compromises when necessary, and do everything in our power to make sure that you are happy with our installations. Our customers come first, and we are proud of that fact.

A good floor installation should be attractive, robust, solid and long-lasting. We can offer all of these things and more if you choose to work with our fitters, experts, and installation specialists.

If you find yourself on the hunt for a truly special foundation for your business, the name to remember is W Stansbie Flooring Ltd.