Are you considering resurfacing your floors, but have no idea what material to use? Don’t worry, picking the right flooring can be tough, so we have a fabulous suggestion for you to consider.

Carpet Tiles.

This kind of flooring is vastly underrated, so we thought we’d highlight all of the fabulous things about it.

So, without further ado let’s dive into all the benefits of carpet tiles!

What are Carpet Tiles?

Before we delve into the advantages of carpet tiles, it’s probably worth mentioning what they are. Put simply; they closely mimic the appearance of traditional carpet slabs.

They’re just square cuts of carpeting designed to interlock with one another in a way that looks like standard carpet flooring.

Typically, carpet tiles are available in an array of sizes and styles. This makes them especially handy for flooring peculiar sized rooms.

What Are the Benefits?

It wasn’t that long ago that carpet tiles were the pinnacle of style and practicality, so it’s not surprising they’re back in fashion!

There are a ton of benefits to using carpet tiles. We’ve taken the liberty of listing them all below.

Quick and Easy to Install

Carpet tiles are really quick and easy to install. This is because they’re deliberately designed to be both small in size and lightweight.

This makes them practical to carry and to position wherever you need them, especially in comparison to lugging around large rolls of rollout carpet.

Plus, you don’t need a massive amount of skill to ensure the floor looks even. Occasionally, carpet tiles need a little carpet glue to help secure them in place.

Or, depending on their design, it might be necessary to either nail or staple the tiles to the floor.

This means if you’re looking for your next DIY project, this would be ideal for you! Typically, it only takes a day to complete this task.

Consequently, this makes carpet tiles really cost-effective, especially if you’re doing the installation yourself. You’ll save on both delivery and labour costs, and the materials are significantly cheaper than other kinds of carpets.

Extremely Durable

Carpet tiles are incredibly durable and last way longer in comparison to other carpet varieties. This is because they’re crafted from a tight, low pile, looped material.

They were initially designed for businesses that’ll experience a lot of foot traffic, so they’re built to last. However, in the event a tile gets damaged, they’re much easier and cheaper to replace.

All you have to do is swap out the broken tile and keep the rest of the flooring in place. Simple!

Easy to Keep Clean

Keeping ‘normal’ carpet clean can be a massive headache. Especially for business owners who have limited time and funds.

However, carpet tiles are much easier to handle. They’re more resilient to moisture because of the backing and tightly weaved material.

All you have to do is regularly sweep and vacuum the floor to keep it fresh. Additionally, if you spill any excess liquid onto the carpet, you can quickly soak it up by placing a sponge over the mess and pressing firmly.

Ideally, you should shampoo carpet tiles at least once a year. This is necessary to remove any stains that have ground into the floor over time. Plus, it’ll get rid of any other dirt and grime that can’t be cleaned via the vacuum.

You can even pop out a couple of tiles and wash them with a mild detergent if the blemished are particularly stubborn, and then install them back.

However, make sure the tile is completely dry before you put it back in place. Otherwise, you risk the chance of mould growing- gross!

It may take a while for these to dry naturally but make sure you do. Don’t be tempted to put the tile near a radiator or artificially dry them as this could damage the carpet.

You Can Change Their Appearance

One of the most significant benefits of carpet tiling is that you’re able to achieve a variety of different appearances. The beauty of this flooring is that you can customise it to fit your specific tastes.

We love that you can install different colours and patterns in one room, the mosaic look is a style that’s gradually making its way back into fashion, and we can’t get enough of it.

Plus, if you’re thinking about changing the design of your flooring, then carpet tiles offer an easy solution. You can lay this kind of carpet on top of other flooring materials like laminate, vinyl, concrete, etc. (without the need for any underlay).

They’re Better for the Air Quality

If you’re concerned about the air quality for your home or office, we suggest opting for carpet tiles. This kind of flooring is flatter and low pile, and therefore it traps less dirt causing less air pollution.


If keeping your home and office eco-friendly is important to you, then you can search for green flooring solutions. Did you know that there are flooring tiles made from recycled raw materials? All you have to do is do your research and go out and find them.

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