The varieties and grades of residential flooring can differ significantly from those used in commercial settings. In a commercial setting, the surface underfoot needs to be able to withstand high levels of wear, depending on the business/site involved. Concrete, tile, and highly durable vinyl and karndean are often installed by businesses to provide hard-wearing and safe floors underfoot.

Options for home flooring must meet different needs. Flooring chosen for home installation can greatly influence the homeowners’ comfort level.

residential flooring contractorsVinyl and karndean are excellent flooring options for any area of the home. Each offers an almost infinite variety of styles, designs and motifs. Thickness equals durability, so these options can offer years and years of good-looking, reliable function. These floors can be manufactured to look like brick, or hardwood, or marble, but require only a fraction of the expense or maintenance. And vinyl and karndean are much easier to stand on than harder floors, so they are more comfortable in the home setting. They can also be neutral in colour, offering homeowners a ‘blank canvas’ to which they can add accents, such as area rugs. And, properly installed, they offer water protection, so they are excellent choices for kitchens, baths and laundry rooms.

In the more private areas of the home – bedrooms, dens, and offices – carpeting is frequently chosen. Carpets come in many thicknesses, styles and infinite colour choices so finding the perfect covering for a particular floor is easily achievable. A thick, plush carpet provides a luxurious tone to any room. Thinner, less dense carpets make great play areas for kids and toys. And a soft touch underfoot getting out of bed is a great way to start the morning. Carpets usually also have underlay padding as well. Underlay padding reduces the wear on the carpet. A common suggestion when purchasing home carpeting is to spend as much on the pad as on the carpet – a high quality pad will make a lower quality carpet ‘feel’ better.

Regardless of the type of flooring chosen, proper installation will ensure a longer period of hassle free usage. Every flooring option has its own unique method of installation. And each method requires specific tools in order to achieve a professional effect. Most homeowners elect to have their home flooring installed by a professional flooring installer.

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