They resemble individual squares of carpet, and come in convenient size packs, and a great variety of attractive and fashionable colours, to ensure that they blend attractively with your existing decor.

In recent times carpet tiles have become the flooring of choice for many schools and colleges, due to the ease of maintenance once installed. That cup of coffee or glass of wine spilled on a traditional carpet may mean a major replacement, but when you have carpet tiles on your floor you can just pull out the affected tiles and replace those – often just a few minutes work. A high tack glue system is used to holds the tiles firmly in place, and this also ensures that individual tiles can be quickly pulled out for replacement. It’s easy to see why carpet tiles have become so popular wherever people walk at home, college, or in the office. Preparing a budget for your new flooring is easy too, with several excellent online calculators available to make accurate costing very simple.

Carpet tiles are the natural modern day flooring of choice, combining fashion with hard-wearing properties, which will mean that once they are fitted you will not have to consider new flooring for a very long time!

commercial flooring contractorsCarpet tiles can be laid in any pattern you create, in order to put your own unique stamp on the ambiance of both work and home environments. Uneven shaped rooms can be expensive to fit and wasteful of material when traditional fitted carpet is used. Now your new flooring can be can be quickly and easily laid down using attractive carpet tiles in a fraction of the time that was necessary with the old fashioned wall to wall fitted method.

Our experienced professionals have been installing carpet tiles in a great variety of shades and designs for many years, and have a strong reputation within our industry. We’ve worked in public buildings, private business, as well as having lots of experience in fitting carpet tiles in residential homes so we are able to work in just about any environment you can possibly think of.