Karndean flooring is made from an extremely durable form of vinyl that looks and feels just like natural wood, slate or stone. Unlike the natural materials it emulates in appearance, though, Karndean is:

  • warm underfoot
  • waterproof
  • slip-proof

These features are what makes Karndean so appealing to so many of our customers, and makes it so suitable for any room in any home as well as perfectly suitable for commercial premises including schools, offices, restaurants and shops.

There are even more benefits to Karndean flooring:

  • It insulates sound well, muffling footsteps and echoes
  • It is an affordable alternative to natural flooring options
  • It is highly durable
  • Its durability makes it hygienic – it will not chip, crack or splinter and will therefore not harbour bacteria or dirt

Available as planks or tiles, this modern flooring brand is universally popular because it is highly practical as well as stylish: it is hardwearing and very easy to clean, ensuring that it will last for many years in top condition. Karndean will not need sanding, coating or repairing.

Karndean flooring comes with a guarantee that can be passed to future buyers of your home if you ever decide to move house within the guarantee period.