Why choose safety flooring?

Safety flooring can be installed in your home or business in any area where you want to reduce the risk of slips and trips. This is particularly important in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where any water on a standard floor can cause people to slip and fall, and on stairways where a fall could cause a serious injury.

Some of our commercial customers have opted to install safety flooring throughout their premises to ensure that their staff and customers are protected from the risk of slips and trips. Indeed, your business may fail a routine Health and Safety Inspection if safety flooring is not in evidence, and the Health and Safety Executive may hold you responsible if someone is injured on premises where safety flooring has not been installed. Your public liability insurance may also require that safety flooring is installed.

Why choose us?

We stock and fit a range of safety flooring options that are suitable for any home or commercial premises. Depending on what you need, we may recommend particular flooring materials that will work well, or we may be able to treat your existing flooring to make it safe.

Whatever your reason for seeking safety flooring, at W. Stansbie Flooring Ltd we have a range of suitable products and flooring services that are low cost and will meet your needs. Please call us to discuss your requirements or to request a free quote.