vinyl flooring fitting serviceIt is highly suitable for kitchens due to its durability and therefore can withstand harsh detergents used for cleaning, the vinyl floors are also a perfect choice in living rooms and offices due to their impeccability and the ease of cleaning. Most vinyl floors are made of PVC due to its elasticity and lustrous texture. The vinyl floors are very economical since they can be refinished in case of any abrasion.

Why choose us?

As a flooring company we care about all your needs and with the knowledge of the latest trends in the market we offer a great range of products to the customers. Most of our products are from well-known manufacturers therefore we ensure there is safety in use of the vinyl floors. The flooring companies ensure the vinyl floors are of high quality so that their durability is long lasting.

Vinyl safety flooring

vinyl-1The vinyl safety flooring offers a wide range of choices. Also it gives the assurance of a highly durable floor. This high durability allows the use of the vinyl floor in both residential places and commercial buildings. The floors are fitted as a cap and cove system such that the vinyl floors are fitted at least 100mm up against the wall. The internal and external floor cutting corners offer durable vinyl junctions. This cap and cove system is perfect for giving perfect uniform finish and can be used with the Quantums flooring capping strips and cove former. The fitting is relatively easy while using this method of fitting and it reduces creasing of the floor and unnecessary kinks.

Vinyl tiles

There are also modified tiles, which are referred to as the luxury vinyl tiles. The luxury tiles are modified to suit different needs and take different designs, the tiles can be decorated to look like wooden floors, which happens to be one of the current trends, other designs such as the stone metallic or slate are also welcome ideas. The luxury tiles are also suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

Vinyl tiles are perfect for use in busy areas, due to their ease of maintenance. They are highly durable and can therefore withstand damage and constant abrasions caused by movement.

Vinyl cushion floor

Just like the tiles these cushion floors are also a perfect choice due to their authenticity and incredible designs. The vinyl cushion floor may not be as highly durable as the tiles there it’s not commonly used in high traffic areas. Therefore they are used mostly for domestic purposes such as in the lounge, kitchens and bathrooms whereby the bathroom becomes more relaxing and calm due to the uniformity of the floor.