We specialise in installing high-quality flooring for schools and educational establishments across Birmingham and the West Midlands and have many years of experience in this field.

Flooring installed in schools and other educational establishments has to be of a high-quality and capable of withstanding a high level of foot traffic; it also needs to be easy to clean and maintain. Perhaps above all else, it has to be safe so that pupils, staff and employees alike can walk around without fear of slipping or tripping.

Time is often of the essence when installing school flooring because it is usually most convenient for this work to be carried out during school holiday times in order to cause the least possible disruption. We always take these time factors into consideration when planning and carrying out work on school flooring and ensure that the work is all completed on time.

Flooring options

We offer a range of flooring options for schools, from carpets and carpet tiles to vinyl and Karndean flooring that mimic traditional parquet flooring. Vinyl and Karndean are becoming increasingly popular as a low cost alternative to natural wooden floors because they offer insulation against the cold and excessive noise and are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Scuffs from shoes and scrapes from furniture are prevented, and spills are easily mopped up without damaging the flooring. Any damage or abrasions incurred over time can be repaired or refinished cheaply and easily without the need for sanding, and our flooring often comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Carpet tiles are another popular option for school flooring as it is soft underfoot and deadens sound within enclosed spaces. Furthermore, any damaged or stained tiles can be replaced individually at a fraction of the cost and time compared to replacing an entire carpet.

Available in a range of colours, styles and designs our school flooring is practical and attractive, helping to enhance the learning environment for your pupils.

Floor treatments

As well as supplying and fitting new flooring, we can treat existing flooring to make it slip resistant and safe. Customers often request treatment for their sports halls and corridors to prevent injuries from slips and trips that are most likely to occur in areas where children may run.

For personalised advice on what flooring solutions may best meet the needs of your school or educational establishment, please call today to see how we can help and/or for a free quote.